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After joking about how hot, steamy and exhausting the relationship between Sherlock and his long suffering companion Doctor Watson is, Jude confirmed that he believes work will start next month on a script for another big screen outing for the pair. Although it’s unlikely filming would actually start before next year due in part to Robert Downey Jr’s hectic schedule.

Jude Law admitted that he had already spoken to co-star Robert Downey Jr at length about ideas for the next film, drawing on inspiration from the vast collection of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work. In particular he confessed that both stars share a wishful ambition to turn their next adventure into a pair of sequels, with one case naturally leading into another in a second film.

While Jude was quick to admit that nothing is confirmed yet, the idea would be that Sherlock Holmes 3 and 4 would follow the examples of franchises like Harry Potter and Twilight in filming both chapters back to back. As for what might lie in store for the super sleuthing detective duo Jude teasingly replied “Divorce!” Suggesting their bickering oddball relationship would remain just as hilariously awkward.

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I love Jude Law omfg

(via hushlittlesleipnir) They need to get on this mighty quick! I need some Sherlock&Watson in my life! Not to mention the amazing rdjude interviews that come along with it! (via sourpatch-k)

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